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Hi, Welcome to Robbie's Flight Simulator Page:-)
This site's mostly about FS98,although I like just about every kind of simulator.I would like for this web site to be like a connection between all Flight Simulator enthusist,That's why I added a chat room,and a forum to this page.So if you have any questions, information,or tips you would like to share with everyone especially about FS98,don't hesitate to post them in the forum.Im not sure how the chat room will do,so if you know of any other flight sim enthusists let them know about it,it would help to get it started.This is the main page for all of the other pages on this site.On the left you will see links to all of the other pages,feel free to browse them for as long as you like.Since this is a new site some of the pages may not have any thing in them or may not be finished yet.But you are welcome to take a look. This page is still under construction

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The Ultmate Sim Ring
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